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Digital transformation is taking over the auto industry. Consumers want 24/7 connectivity, and the auto industry is starting to focus more on being more connected and enhancing driver experiences. The car industry is moving forward with automation and branching out into new digitized functions that make the vehicles more connected. The demand is high across all branches of the industry. From family to work vehicles, the following trends will help transform the auto industry.


2019 will be the year when connectivity is no longer a luxury in new cars. It’s become a demand for every car owner because today’s owners want access to music, friends, and apps as they drive. Life no longer stops when you jump in the car, and it’s become a place where business life, social life, and everything else happens. Cars are now equipped with wifi, and it’s predicted that digitalization and technology advancements will increase investments in the auto industry.

Manufacturing and Safety

Augmented reality (AR) is transforming driver safety. AR allows drivers to “see through” traffic to be able to safely navigate traffic and make driving safer than ever. AR is becoming apart of traditional car design and manufacturers while trying to find ways to test prototypes for their vehicles.


The more connected our vehicles become, the more data will be collected. Drivers, destinations, routes, traffic patterns, preferred driving music, and gas station data will begin piling up, and the auto industry needs to figure out a way to keep this data safe. Protecting this data will allow some car manufacturers the chance to rise to the top over their competitors.  

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles will be making their break into the industry. While driver safety is one of the largest concerns, California recently reported that there were 49 autonomous vehicle collisions in 2018, a lot of the kinks in the system are being worked out. Companies developing autonomous vehicles will have to convince the general public that these vehicles are an effective form of transportation and they are effective in their everyday lives.

While digital transformation will continue to take over the auto industry, manufacturers will have to continue to keep up with consumer demand.