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Anthony Karabon

Professional Overview

About Anthony Karabon

Anthony Karabon, based in Dallas, Texas, is the Managing Director for the Mid South Region at Dave Cantin Group, where he specializes in automotive dealership brokering.

Anthony obtained his undergraduate degree in accounting from Marquette University before obtaining his JD and MBA degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After obtaining his post-graduate degrees, Anthony practice corporate, real estate, and transactional law at Jackson Walker LLP in Dallas, Texas, Godfrey & Kahn, S.C. in Milwaukee, WI, and at what was formerly known as Powell Goldstein LLP in Atlanta, Georgia.

His experience in practicing law led Anthony to become the general counsel for two large auto dealership groups, Boucher Automotive Group and RFJ Auto Partners. During his tenure with Boucher and RFJ Auto Partners, Anthony negotiated, documented, and consummated numerous buy/sell transactions. Being a member of the executive management team for those dealer groups, Anthony was responsible for real estate, human resources, insurance, lending, and regulatory matters.

Anthony joined Dave Cantin Group (DCG) in 2017 as a dealership broker and facilitates the sales of large auto dealerships in the Mid South Region for the company. DCG is a full service automotive M&A firm with the depth of critical experience, expertise, relationships, resources, and a track record of delivering success for automotive dealers.

Anthony carries with him extensive due diligence and dealership integration experience. Additionally, he has also addressed nearly every manufacturer dealer issue and legal issue that dealers confront. This experience and expertise has made Anthony a valuable member addition to DCG.

Outside of work, Anthony enjoys remaining active and fit through various sports activities and exercise. Some of his favorites include golf and cycling. In his free time, Anthony enjoys spending time with his wife, Patricia, and traveling, golfing, biking, and cooking. Anthony and Patricia have two children, a boy and a girl, that live in Chicago and New York, respectively. With the family being so spread out, family vacations and holiday traditions are extremely important to them.

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